Inti Chicha's origin story (A Divine Story)

Chicha is a fermented, probiotic beverage that was produced for centuries during the Inca Empire. It is still consumed in South America as part of their cultural tradition, as people continue to extol its health benefits. 

Chicha is a lightly fermented drink that contains significant amounts of natural probiotics and approximately 0.5% alcohol. The Incas used to drink the beverage as part of their celebrations and ceremonies; its recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. Now Inti Chicha has brought this tradition to New York.

Chicha played an important role in the ancient American Inca Empire and is still appreciated to this day for its uniquely refreshing flavor and multiple health benefits. It naturally contains a variety of probiotics (primarily Saccharomyces Boulardii), recognized as agents that mediate responses resembling the protective effects of normal healthy gut flora. These living organisms not only help with digestion but also help cleanse and detox the body. A healthy gut deeply impacts one's overall health; in the long-term and the short-term. 

Original Inti Chicha

Traditional chicha is also related to a fermented lemonade with less sugar and living probiotic yeast helping to enrich the floral gut health. Inti Chicha is handcrafted in small batches and contains three main ingredients: water, organic corn, and organic pure cane sugar. Chicha is made from yellow or purple corn, but it can also be made with various organic fruits to give a sweeter and more unique flavor to the taste. Stayed tuned to hear about our exciting new flavors! 

“If the mortals brewed it, then the Gods consumed it” .... This was the belief that sums up the relationship between the tribal leaders and the bittersweet refreshment brew. Inti Chicha sprung from the idea of sharing a millennial South American tradition with the rest of the world. Inti Chicha has undiscovered benefits that we at Inti Chicha believe should be shared with everyone.